Tyler Spencer
Founder and Executive Director

Tyler founded Grassroots in January 2009, after two summers in South Africa working on sports-based HIV prevention programs in DeBeers/GrassrootSoccer diamond mining communities. After realizing that HIV was a big problem in DC, and that the curriculum he used in South Africa could have a big impact on both kids and college athletes, he got a group of 40 athletes together to start the program in several DC middle schools. Our team and our programs have grown from there.

Tyler has a BA in International Health and Development from the University of Virginia, an MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention from Oxford University, and a PhD in Public Health from Oxford University. He has been recognized as a Rhodes Scholar, a World Economic Forum Young Global Shaper, a USA Today Academic All-American, and a recipient of the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) Outstanding Commitment to Action Award. Most recently, Tyler was highlighted as a “Young Innovator in HIV Prevention” at the CDC National HIV Prevention Conference.