Justin Parker
Community Intern

Justin is an intern at the Grassroots Project who will be assisting student-athlete training, summer training, data collection, and other projects as well.  Justin is from Prince George’s County, Maryland but transitioned to become a full time D.C. resident and student who attends Cesar Chavez PCS Parkside High Campus.  Justin also attends the University of the District of Columbia Community College as a dually enrolled student. He first knew about the Grassroots Project through Urban Alliance, which he has further his knowledge on professionalism and communication skills.  Justin wants to attend college after High School and major in Public Health with a minor in Kinesiology on a Pre-Med track. Also, he used to be a swimmer for Machine Aquatics however, took time off to work here at The Grassroots Project. Upon his first day of work he was very excited because he knew he was going to be able to work with college athletes.  When Justin is not at school or in the office, he loves to go skating and hang out with his friends at the mall, Fun fact: Justin’s Grassroots nickname is: Stewie