Elijah Murphy
Curriculum Development Intern

Elijah Murphy, AKA Mighty Murph, grew up in Hyattsville, Maryland. He recently received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from American University, and is now in graduate school at AU pursuing his Master’s of Arts in Psychology. He aims to pursue a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology upon completion of his studies at American. He is also a member of AU’s varsity wrestling team.

He joined TGP in January 2019 during his junior year at AU. He has been a volunteer student-coach of nutrition and sexual health programs, assisted with TGP’s mental health curriculum pilot programs and was a Head Coach in his mental health program. Elijah was nominated by The Grassroot Project for the Billie Jean King Youth Leadership Award as a part of the Sports Humanitarian Awards by ESPN, which he is now one of seven recipients of this award in 2020.

He now joins TGP as a Curriculum Development Intern. As a Curriculum Development Intern, he is currently seeking to increase TGP student-athlete social justice impact on racial issues within DC, as well as completing the curriculum review processes, which include curriculum assessment, adaptation, training and evaluation for TGP’s newest curricula: Mental Health Promotion and Nutrition & Physical Health.